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 Hello Beautiful People! 

We're Austin and Emily, newly married and traveling full-time in our converted 2014 Glaval Shuttle Bus with our fur babies, Iris and Zeus. We've been on the road for about a year now and are just now getting good at bus life. 

We have always had the itch to travel and see the world and when the stars aligned everything was set into motion to make our dreams a reality. 


Although we try to post as much as we can on our social media in our spare time, we were more so enjoying this first year of traveling and figuring the ins and outs of bus life while working full-time. We enjoy sharing our journey with all of you in the hopes that it inspires you to live the life you truly deserve. 

Throughout the build, we recorded as much as we could to create wonderful videos for you guys to watch and follow along on our journey. Our plan was to continue filming our travels and create our own little community of Dazers/Awakeneers/*insert cool name*. While we have managed to pop out videos from our travels 



We initially created Awaken Daze as meant to be a symbol of inspiration and empowerment! We are looking to spread positive energy and unconditional love all around the United States.